• Monday MakeUp: December Ipsy Review

    December Ipsy

    Monday Makeup on Wednesday… Cause that is how my week is rolling so far. Actually it has been a good week, the kids have been very into their school work. Which is wonderful, but my attention has been over that direction. Please forgive the tardiness of this post. But I am sure that many of you would understand. So without any further delay; here is my December Ipsy Review (I am catching up). 

  • MakeUp Monday: October Ipsy Review

    October Ipsy

    Well Hello Monday!! Anyone else ready to just go back to bed and ask for a weekend redo? We had a great weekend, don’t get me wrong, but where did it go? It seemed like it was Friday, then a blur and now here we are at Monday ready for another whole week. Anyway, let’s get down to another AMAZING Ipsy bag. October Ipsy was a fantastic little bag (and a bag that my girls fought over). Plus the lip gloss/liquid lipstick is a perfect pink for Valentine’s Day this weekend. So while a little late getting this out, time wise it works out perfectly.

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  • MakeUp Monday: Sept Ipsy Review

    September Ipsy Review

    Woo Hoo we are getting there! Today, I am going to share with you my September Ipsy bag. And I have to admit it was another kinda blah bag. I seem to be in a streak of not to exciting bags, which is kinda sad. While the over all value of the bags have been amazing, the actual product is what has been leaving me empty.

    In case you have missing my last several posts, Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service. It will send you every month a variety of samples; ranging from hair care, to skin care, to makeup, to tools (think makeup brushes, hair ties, tweezers and so on), to nail polish and even more. You will receive 4-5 samples of a variety of items. Samples can range from a size that they would hand out in a store, to a full size item. Ipsy has been going all out lately with LOTS of full-sized items. This making the value of the bag much high then the $10 a month that it costs. Plus, what makes this service above and beyond for me, is that it comes in a reusable makeup bag. For a house full of girls, these bags are the jewel and everyone wants it.

    What was in the September bag?

    • NYX Eyeshadow Trio- Full Sized– I was so looking forward to this item. NYX has a reputation for being a low-cost makeup (that you can pick up at any Target or Walmart) but high quality. This particular trio was designed exclusively for Ipsy. However, once trying it, I was disappointed. It had a ton of fall out, the colors did not blend nicely, and there was almost to much pigment for the blending ability. Even Tink (a teenage girl who loves all things makeup) brought it back to me saying that I could keep it. Boo
    • City Chic Lipstick in One Night Stand- Full Sized– Ok, I am going to admit something, I don’t like lipsticks. Yes, we all know that they can finish off a look, they can make you look more awake and polished. But I just don’t feel comfortable in them. Especially not in hot pink, bright reds, or purple colors. And Ipsy keeps sending me these colors. Needless to say, this is still in the plastic wrap.
    • Pixi Brow Powder Trio- Full Sized– This product was better than expected. I don’t need help with my brows, as I am a muppet to start with. That being said, this was a great little trio. With the colors given (a very light brown, a very dark brown and a highlighter) you can create any shade to match your natural brow color. It is very easy to blend, looks natural, and over all a great product. Even though I don’t use the color, I am in love with the highlighter.
    • Crown Brush Concealer Brush– This is a great, let me repeat great, concealer brush. It picks up quite a bit of product and applies evenly. It can leave brush strokes so you might want to pat your skin when done.
    • Vasanti Brighten Up Cleanser- This is a fantastic brand. I love it when I get these samples. It makes your skin so smooth, bright (without being shiny), and not dry or tight. Highly recommend giving this brand a try.
    • Last but never least (as it is always our favorite part) the bag Gold colored textured bag. This month it was a big smaller than the normal bag, but looked so glamorous. It will look great in my purse to carry my daily use stuff that my purse has a tendency to eat.

    Even though I was not in love with September’s bag, it was a great value and the bag was cute. What about you guys, would you like a subscription service like this; or would you rather use the $10 to buy something that you know that you like? Do you have an Ipsy subscription?

  • MakeUp Monday: Aug Ipsy Review


    Holy cow it is November! Hope that everyone had a great Halloween weekend. My girls over here were so happy that it fell on a Saturday. A whole day devoted to Halloween Prep. We went to the pumpkin patch, carved said pumpkins, got all dressed up, did our trick or treating, then snuggled up to watch a late night movie, The Addams Family. What a great day. How about you guys? What did you do to celebrate the holiday?

    Are you all ready for several weeks of review? I am determined to get all caught up by December. We will see if that happens though. In case you have missed everyone blogging about Ipsy, it is a monthly beauty subscription service. For only $10 a month, you will receive 4-5 beauty samples (some of these will be full sized product). Plus, a reusable makeup/cosmetic bag. The bag is what really sets it apart from the other beauty services, in my opinion.

    But for August, it was the first bag in a long time that I was disappointed with. It seemed to have missed the boat for me. While I love getting eyeliner in the bags, cause who can have to much eyeliner, it was black and I am trying oh so hard to stop using my black eyeliners. (It makes you look so much younger using a brown instead, and I certainly want to look younger)

    What was in the bag:

    • Marc Anthony Hair Oil– I am always a bit disappointed to get hair oil in my bags. Yes, it is all the rage right now. Yes, people love it. Yes, for some people it has completely changed their hair game. But for my thin fine hair, I don’t need the weight of the oil to hold it down; making it look, well, oily. This was a full sized sample though.
    • Hikari Lip Gloss in Merlot– Ugh yet another lipgloss that I won’t use. I am a chapstick, or nude kinda lip gal. All of these super dark “fall” color lipgloss are just not my game. But it was another full sized lipgloss.
    • Doucce Eyeliner in Black– I was doing so well, not touching my black pencil eyeliners. Really I was. Then this one popped into my bag and I had to try it for sake of this review. (See all for you guys) It is a wonderful liner. Very creamy, no tugging or pulling, leaves a beautiful line. AMAZING eyeliner. And yet another full sized product. This bag was certainly was a great value, based on the size of the products that were in it.
    • Eco-Beauty good night cream– This is one of those products that I have heard a lot about. Making me very excited about receiving it. I tried it the first night that I got it. It was a decent cream; not a lot of smell, and thick enough for a night cream without drowning your skin. But not OMG I look amazing in the morning moments; maybe for someone a bit younger, without any lines it would be worth it. So while I liked it, I won’t be trading in my trusted night cream for this product any time soon.
    • Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted– One more full sized product. This was a cute lavender colored nail polish. I like that it was a muted, matte type color. It went on very well, but you certainly needed two or more coats.
    • Bag– My favorite part of each month is the bag. Between myself and my three girls, these bags are highly coveted. They get used each month. This months was a great bag. It was a black and white star meets chevron pattern (which we all love), with a hot pink zipper and interior. We may have resorted to rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets this one.

    How many of you guys Ipsy? What are your thoughts on the service? Would you pay $10 a month for a selection of beauty samples?

  • Monday MakeUp- Love My Ipsy


    I have been so slacking on these updates. I realize that. But it is because I get so excited about them coming, that I rip them open and go play with my samples. Then before I realize it, my samples are no good to take pictures of; thus no post. I will be working much harder to contain my 2-year-old response to ripping open packages and playing. It is a perfect monthly present, and one that we will actually want. Not that other monthly present.

    Ipsy if you are not familiar is a monthly beauty subscription service. You will get between four and six samples each month (and some months you get extras). Sample sizes can be any where between a foil, at the counter type sample, to a full size item. This month I got almost all full sized items! YEA!! Each month, not only do you get all these samples, you get a reusable makeup bag. That is what set this service apart from the rest. We use those bags for everything and anything. And best part it only costs $10 a month.

    Lets get to the exciting party, my June bag was full of all kinds of goodies:

    • Lipitide 24/7 Lip Stain– This came as a full sized item; and the color pay off is great, it lasts forever, and doesn’t dry out my lips (although I still put Chapstick on top of it). But I really don’t like the actual color. I am just not into the bright, Barbie pink color. Guess I am getting old.
    • Trestique Mini Eyeshadow in Kona Coffee– Another full sized item! I am loving this crayon, it is super portable, easy to use, stays put, and the color is amazing (dark coffee color, hence the name). You could probably use this all over your eyes, but I use it as a thick eyeliner.
    • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer– I have gotten this a few times now, while most people complain about getting the same sample over and over again, I am thrilled to get it again. This is hands down the best primer on the market. Smashbox has a full range of primers, and they all rock! A must try for sure.
    • NYC Liquid Eyeliner– Another full size one! I am terrified of liquid eyeliner, especially black liquid. This one comes in a pen form, and has really great reviews about being able to glide along the lid. Now most of those reviews are from twenty-somethings without any wrinkles or extra skin on their eyelids, so we will see.
    • BioRepublic Fiber Masks– Yea for more full sized products! Gotta admit I am so excited to try these. They come as a face sheet; ie nothing to scrub off or try to peel off once the timer dings. Makes for using masks super easy. They came in a pack of three: Aloe Rescue (revitalizing), Green Tea Detox (purifying) and Cucumber Breeze (soothing). Update- I have tried these and they left my skin AMAZING!! They are a must have for EVERYONE. Do yourself a huge favor and check them out here.
    • Last but not least the bag– This is the best part for me, I love their bags. The girls and I fight over them every month; they use them for toys and purses, I use them to organize my makeup and jewelry. This month bag is right up there with some of my favorites. It is an all black bag with a pop of orange for the zipper. The feel is almost a spongy type material. Very cool!

    This month I way more product then the $10 that I spent. Very happy with it!

    Do any of you guys have an Ipsy subscription? Do you like it? If you don’t have one, is this something that you would pay $10 a month for? What do you think of the samples?

  • Monday MakeUp- January Ipsy Bag


    Do you love trying new products? Do you like getting a little surprise every month, like a pretty present all in pink bubble wrap? Then you need to give Ipsy a try. Each month they send you a fun package, full of 5-6 beauty samples. Some times those are deluxe sample sizes and some times you get full sized products. You fill out a little survey and all of the picks are based off of your likes. Each month, they get better and better, since they listen to your feedback on the items that they have sent you. All for only $10 a month, you simply can’t go wrong.

    This month I got way more then my monies worth AND they are ALL full sized products!!!! I think that is a first for me. To have them ALL be full sized. It was amazing, and I really love all the items in my bag.

    In My Bag-

    • BellaPierre Eyeshadow in Whesek- Full Sized $15.00-
      • I love BellaPierre. It is an all mineral line of makeup, that has great coverage, that lasts forever, and is actually good for your skin. Whesek is dark shimmery gray. I like to use this an either an eyeliner color with a flat slanted brush or on the outer corners of my eyes for a dark smokey look.
    • Pacifica Eyeshadow in Treasure- Full Sized $7.99-
      • This is a golden brown shimmery eyeshadow. It has a really warm tone, that helps brighten and open your eyes. I like to use this all over my lid.
    • Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm- Full Sized $12.00-
      • This is the best lip balm ever! It is thick, but not sticky or greasy at all. It coats my chapped winter lips nicely and provides instant relief. Plus the smell and taste is exactly like a Mojito, a nice little reminder that spring and summer are on their way.
    • Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush $9.99-
      • I knew that I was going to love this brush the moment that I saw it. It is a fun bright pink, not just the handle but the bristles too. It is super soft and applies your eyeshadow perfectly. It has quickly become one of my daily go to brushes.
    • Probelle Nail Polish in Into The Blue- Full Sized $6.00-
      • I adore blue nail polish. I know I know, I am in my 30’s and should have given up the blue, in exchange for more “adult” colors. But I am digging the blue. And this was a great polish, it does need two coats, but even after a week it has not chipped at all. Plus it is a great sky blue color. LOVE it.
    • This Months Bag-
      • The thing that sets Ipsy apart for me, and makes it my favorite subscription, is that each month it comes in a reusable makeup bag. We (my little ones and I) use them for all kinds of things. But they never go to waste. Some months are awesome, and some are not my favorite. This month was a bag that is not our favorite, but it was still cute and simple. One side is a solid blue and the other is a solid white; with an orange interior.

    With everything being a full size, this month’s bag is worth $50.98!! That is right over $50 worth of products that I am loving. Is it worth the price? I think so!! Do any of you guys use Ipsy? What are your thoughts on monthly beauty subscriptions?


  • Monday MakeUp- November Ipsy Bag


    Where is the month going?? Can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving (or as we call it in our house Turkey Day)? This year, I am hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner. While I am super excited, I so need an extra week. We moved into our new house like yesterday. There is so much unpacking to do, setting up to do, plus the contractors are still working on the house. To top it off, I have yet to shop for everything for dinner; well lets be honest, I have yet to even PLAN what we will be having for Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea how this will all come together and be pulled off by Thursday.

    So instead of facing my HUGE to-do list, I am playing with some makeup and telling you about this awesome Ipsy bag that we got this month!! Good distraction? I think so..

    For those of you who have not heard, Ipsy is a wonderful monthly beauty subscription. You recieve 4-5 beauty samples (and sometimes full sized samples). Plus, you get a reusable makeup bag every month. Over here, we end up using these little bags for all kinds of things: mu daughters have swiped (that sounds better then stolen some lol) for purses or toys, I have used some for my hair ties and bobby pins (cause those always get lost), we have used them to separate different types of products, and so on. The best part of this is that it is only $10 a month!! Can’t go wrong there.

    I ADORED this month. The products were great, everything was either travel size or full size.

    • SeaRx Moisturizing Lotion– I have received this before, in a BirchBox, and while it is not my favorite product on the market, it is a great light facial moisturizer, that smells wonderful.
    • Starlooks Eyeliner in Ultra Olive– This is a brand that comes in a lot of Ipsy bags. They always send full size products too!! So nice, the value of this eyeliner alone is $17. Almost twice what I paid for the whole bag! Plus I really do like green eyeliners. So this was one of my favorite products this month!!
    • Oil of Morocco Hairspray– This was a great hairspray, lots of hold, without being crunchy, also it has Argan Oil in it, so my hair was super shiny. It made my curls last all day! (Be sure to check out tomorrow for the newest way to curl your hair, quick and simple too)
    • it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye– This brand is really growing on me, then this product comes over and wow, I am so impressed. This under eye concealer is certainly full coverage. It is very similar to Kat Von D concealer. You seriously need like the worlds smallest bit to cover both eyes. It is crazy good, plus it does not shift or settle at all!
    • J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint– Another full size product this month!! It retails for about $5 at Ulta. While I am not a huge fan of the color, it is a great cranberry color that will look great for the holidays. It was a bit hard to apply, and needed some touchup through out the day. But over all, I did like it.
    • Bag– Lets not forget the best part: the bag! I loved this months bag. It is a silver glittery bag, with a bright pink zipper. So cute!!

    Overall I am very happy with my bag this month. It retails close to $30. So very much worth it.

    What about all of you? Do any of you have a beauty subscription?

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  • Ipsy October Review

    Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription. When you sign up, they have you fill out a survey informing them of your preferences. Then every month, they send you a pretty pink present, full of five to six samples; ranging from makeup, to nail care, to skin care, to hair care, and other fun items. These are not your normal foil packet samples, these are mini sized products to full size products. Some bags you will love everything in them and some you may have an item or two that your thrilled with. Ipsy is my favorite beauty subscription for one main reason; it comes with a re-usable makeup bag. It is only $10 a month, so even an off month is well worth it and you are getting your monies worth.

    This was by far the best Ipsy bag that I have gotten. I know it seems like I say that a lot, but they are getting much much better. Maybe because the holidays are approaching, so the samples that they are getting are much better; or because you rate your samples when you get a bag so they pick better items for you. Who knows, but I really like this trend and hope that they keep getting better.

    Oct Ipsy

    This month, in my bag:

    • Rogue By Rihanna– Sells for $45.00 Full Size
      • Normally I am not huge on getting perfumes. I have what I like, and I don’t like mixing up my scents. This one though is a very nice size (half of a full size bottle), and it smells…. sexy, for lack of a better word. It has notes of suede, musk, amber, and a hint of vanilla. Not my normal scent, but very nice. It is pretty strong and lasts for a long time.
    • Lip Gloss by StarLooks– Sells for $12.00 Full Size
      • The color of this was amazing. It is a light pinky mauve color, and applies the color it shows. However, it is way to sticky for me to wear. My lips end up sticking together. My daughters though, had no issue with the stickiness and love it.
    • MakeUp Removing Wipes by Skyn Iceland– Sells for $15.00 Full Size
      • I did not like these. They irritated my skin, and stung a bit when using them. On the flip side, they did work really well. And removed all my makeup.
    • Mineralized Baked Eyeshadow by Jesse’s Girl– Sells for $3.00 Full Size
      • This was a full size sample (love when that happens). The color is a silvery taupe. It was just a very light shimmer when I first started using it, and was about to hand off to the girls to play with, when I broke through the top layer. Now it is a great silver color. Stay patient with it, and it will pay off.
    • Protein BB Hair Cream by Ecru– Sells for $12.00 Full Size
      • This was another full size product. It is AMAZING. After getting out of the shower apply this to wet/clean hair. Then blow dry and style like normal. It made my hair so soft, fuller, manageable and took care of all of the frizzy ends that I have from coloring my hair. Even my hubby noticed how great my hair looked. Then as a side note, I was able to even have a great second day hair day. This never happens, my thin/fine/oily hair needs to be blow dried every day or it is an oily flat mess. But not when I use this. While it is a small package, it will last a long time.

    Then we have the reusable makeup bag. I normally LOVE the bags, they just come in so handy. This bag was just not my cup of tea. HOWEVER, Belle saw it the moment I pulled it out of my package and fell in love with it. It is a shiny blue-green tiled bag. She takes it everywhere, her toys fit perfect in it. She was over the moon when I let her have it.

    If you account for the sizes that I got, this bag was worth about $30.00. Pretty good value this month. How about you guys, do you have any subscription services that you love? Would this be something that you would be willing try? What would Ipsy need to do to get your business?

    If you want more information or want to sign up. Just click here!

  • September Ipsy Bag- Review

    ipsy 2


    (Picture provided by Ipsy. We were so excited that we ripped into this one before
    taking a picture of my actual items…. Sorry)

    Another AMAZING Ipsy bag!! I know that I started off a little rough with Ipsy, and it had me questioning whether it was worth the hassle or not. I am so so so glad that I stuck around. Who knows if they are just getting better stuff (aka- stuff I want), or if they really do pay attention to what I am liking and so they are better picking for me. But either way their products ROCK this month.

    Ipsy is a monthly beauty bag that sent to you every month. It is like a mini-present tailored just for you, plus it comes in a pretty pink bubble wrap packaging. When you sign up, you fill out a survey stating what you would like to see in your bag. You get 4-5 products each month, in a reusable makeup bag. And for only $10 a month, you can’t go wrong.

    This months theme was “Street Style”. So everything had a bit more of an edge to it.

    • Nourish Organic Face Cleanser– Okay this is not so edgy, but important to remove all the edginess. This is a really gentle organic cleanser, that is for all skin types.
    • Duel Ended MakeUp Brush by Crown– Normally I don’t buy duel ended brushes, because you can’t stand them up to store them. So this one will end up in my drawer which is sad, because it is a really good brush. The shadow side is really dense, but soft, bristles that pack on a lot of color. The crease side is really small, giving you a lot of control and precision when applying color.
    • Pacifica Natural Eyeliner in Silver– LOVE this. It is an easy to use traditional pencil eyeliner in a metallic silver color. This will look good on everyone, really edge up your look. Can’t wait to play with it and use in it one of my LOTW. Stay tuned.
    • Cailyn Art Touch Lipgloss in Love Affair– WOW… That is what I have to say about this. I am floored (and that takes a lot to do). First, it was a full size lipgloss, which is so nice. Second, there is absolutely no stickiness. None what so ever! Third, the color pay off is out of this world. I like glosses, but normally you don’t get a ton of pigment. This one has just as much as a traditional lipstick, with a single swipe of the wand. It is a very dark blue red; think berry. Plus it dries to a semi-matte, that is non-drying. Last, it lasts FOREVER. Eating, drinking, kissing; no big deal for this amazing lip gloss. I will certainly be purchasing this in the future
    • The Bag– One of my favorite parts about this subscription is that is comes with a reusable makeup bag. It is perfect for storing all my samples, brushes, and giving to my girlfriends when I have samples for them. This bag was one of my favorites. It is a silver square made out of faux leather, with silver/chrome studding along the top. Love that the studs are square, perfect accent to the square bag. Don’t think that I will be handing this bag out to anyone.

    So thrilled with my bag! Does anyone else get one of these? What are your thoughts? Would you subscribe to a monthly beauty service? If you want to sign up or get more information just click here.

  • August Ipsy Review

    photo 1 (59)

    Again I missed getting my August review posted in August. Ugh! September will be a better month, and I have lots of great posts already planned and waiting for you to read. But before all of that, let’s talk about an amazing box month; I mean across the board was perfect boxes. I am so lucky to have gotten mostly makeup products (since that is the only item I really want).

    Ipsy went above and beyond this month. For those of you who don’t know about Ipsy; it is monthly beauty box subscription. Every month they send you a great makeup bag filled with 4-5 beauty sample (plus the bag). This is one of my favorite subscriptions, because you get a great reusable bag every month. They make for great ways to store items, or my daughters tend to swipe them and use them as “purses”. And its only $10 a month! Yea!!

    This month was a great bag, white bag with pretty orange polka dots. So cute! Filled inside was:

    • Bee All Natural Lip Balm– I am a lip balm hoarder. Seriously just emptied my purse to find 8 (yes 8) tubes, tins, and balls of lip balm. There is a small issue there. That being said, I LOVE when I get lip balms in my bag and this one is awesome. It has a grapefruit flavor/scent which is so different from most and works great without feeling waxy. Will totally buy again in the future.
    • GlamGlow Youthmud Masque- Normally, I am not a huge mask fan. The idea of walking around for 10-15 minutes with a hard (and oh so pretty) face of mud; not my cup of tea. HOWEVER, this one was really nice. It didn’t feel all tight and dry like most, and it left my face looking radiant and soft. I am not sure if it tightened my skin like it claims, but my skin was nice after. Since masks are not really my thing and that I don’t know if this did what it claimed; I will probably not purchase again in the future.
    • Manna Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion– This is exactly like what it says it is, a shimmer lotion. It is suppose to be for your face giving you a dewey complexion. For me, it is way to over the top. I do like it for a highlight, on top of the cheek bones for a night out though. Something to be careful of, it does have a strong pink undertone to it. So you certainly don’t need it AND a blush. This little tube will last quite a while for me, but when it is out I am not sure I will buy again. On the fence with this one.
    • Coastal Scents EyeShadow- This is a product that I have heard a lot about lately, it seems like everyone is trying it. I was so excited to be getting it in my bag, but it ended up being colors that I would never (and I mean NEVER) wear. So a little disappointed there.
    • Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Eye Pencil– This was the one item that I was so excited to get. There is so much great buzz about it and it was in a great eggplant purple color. It does not work well on the waterline, a little bummed but can get over it. It works amazing on the top lash line, really lasts forever. No smudging or feathering, just a perfect line all day long. The sample that they sent will last forever (like half of the size of a full size). But here is the deal breaker for me. I went to sharpen it, and you have to buy their sharpener to sharpen it. Ugh, not going to go load up the kids, go to the mall, and buy a $20 sharpener. For this reason I will not purchase ANY additional UD pencils. Boo, hate when companies do this, but if you don’t mind, then this is a GREAT eye pencil.

    See another great bag. Does anyone else get their monthly bag from Ipsy? Need more information or want to sign up. Just click below to go there!

    Sign Me Up

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