• Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #13

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #13

    Lucky Number 13!! I cannot believe how fast this year is going. Can you believe that we are in May already. Cinco de Mayo actually. Anyone doing anything fun? I think that we will have tacos for dinner, seems a bit more festive then just chicken. We use ground turkey, trying to stay away from red meat, and black beans, corn, cheese. Pretty typical, but I do make my own tortillas. 

    Here is what you missed last week:

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    Onto…. Nicky’s Potions & Lotions
    A few weeks ago, I was able to introduce you all to the amazing owner of Nicky’s Potions & Lotions. Well last week, I was able to tell you all about the wonderful products that she makes… In her KITCHEN!!

    LOTW- Golden Goddess

    LOTW- Golden Goddess
    Love this light, summery golden look.

    Now what you are really ready for:
    The FEATURES!!!!

    feature 1Rings Baby
    Got the most click throughs!

    feature 2

    Vampire Diaries: Inspired Dress
    This was my favorite this! LOVE this dress

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness!!!!! Party #12

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #12 (holy cow a full dozen parties!!!)

    How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great, finally got some down time, some time to relax. Which was so nice and so needed. We got to lay around and snuggle on the couch watching movies. Of coarse Frozen was in there, but we also got to see the new TinkerBell movie. The one with the pirate fairy, it was really cute and by far my favorite fairy movie to date. What do you guys do for movie night with the kids? We try to stay away from sugar, so there is no “movie” snacks. Maybe some popcorn, but that is about it. Any tips on family nights would be so appreciated.

    Here is what you miss last week:


    A little intro to Nicky from Nicky’s Potions & Lotions.

    photo (29)

    New Column: LOTW- Pretty in Pink

    And now to the features!!!


    Bigger Brighter Eyes: Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude
    Got the most click throughs!!


    Being a scarf lover, this was my favorite post last week.

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness… Party #11

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    How was everyone’s Easter weekend? Do I have any readers that do the full event from Ash Wednesday, to Holy Thursday, to Good Friday, continued to Holy Saturday, and finishing on Easter Sunday? I am very curious what all it entails. It seems like a lot, so let me know.

    As far as we go, our weekend was insane. It seems that as the year progresses our weekends are getting more and more packed. Friday started with a girls night out, followed by Belle’s Frozen themed birthday party (make sure to tune in later this week for how we did that at the dollar store!!), then another party that night, to the big Easter Bunny event today. I am pooped.

    But I am never to tired to a good party!! Lets get to it!! The features this week are:

    shampoo2Dry Shampoo: The Good
    The Bad, and The Ugly Wearable
    This was the most clicked!!!

    hjrfod7WMDressing Affordably:
    $1.60 Shirt
    This girl is so cute, and at prices everyone can do

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Party #10

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #10

    How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was so busy, I am ready from a weekend from my weekend. Am I am the only one that has weekends like that? But, it’s Monday again. So off we go, ready to start a new week. Not quite as bright eyed and bushy tailed as I wanted to be, but here we go.

    Here is what you missed last week-


    Review by Ruby: March 2014
    Got the most clicks!!


    How old is “sexy”?
    This was my favorite post. If you haven’t
    read it yet, go do it.

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #9

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #9

    Wow what an amazing week! First off HUGE thanks to all of my amazing readers, I was able to hit all of my weekly goals. You guys rock!! Being a new blogger, I have no idea how high or where to set the goals. To be honest I have kinda been winging it. But last week shows that even when you have really high goals, you can totally do it. Thank you to everyone that reads, and then comes back and reads to more. Onto the main event…. PARTY TIME!

    This Weeks Features:

    Mommy {A-Z}
    I shopped like it was my job… And it was!
    Most Clicked


    Jelli Bean Journals:
    Natural Alternatives to MakeUp Remover
    Amazing tips here!

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #8

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #8

    So happy to have a great week last week. Finally back to somewhat of our normal schedule. The girls got their report cards back for their third quarter. Tink got straight A’s again, and Belle was able to pull her grades up from last quarter to mostly A’s. Very proud mama over here.

    Last week, we had amazing posts. I was so excited and inspired looking at everyone’s links. There were some great blogs that came to party. Be sure that you click to see what everyone is up to, you might find some new blogs to follow.

    The features from last week are:

    mmmm7 feature 1

    Makeup Monday:
    Spring Nail Polish
    Was the feature for the most click throughs!!

    mmmm7 feature 2

    Edgy and Easy Spring
    Coral Look
    This was my favorite last week. Love the black cuff!!

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #7

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    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness!!
    Party #7

    How was everyone’s weekend? Did you get to do something fun? We were finally able to relax a bit. That might sound pretty boring, but for us it was perfect. We have had a rough couple of weeks, being able to enjoy a family dinner (we normally sit down as a family every night, but with everything going on it had been a few weeks since we were able to) and some snuggly tv time with the girls was exactly what we need. All refreshed and ready to tackle another week. But before we really get back into a new week, I think a good party is in order.

    Lets start with my feature from last week:

    Feature 1

    Wedding MakeUp Trial:
    Our Every Day Life

    Then there is the link up with the most click throughs:

    Feature 2

    Monday MakeUp:
    Beauty Under 10

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  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Party #6

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    What time is it? Party Time!!!

    I am so sorry that I have not been posting. Last week, we had an emergency with a very loved family member that required all of my attention. But this week is a new week, and be prepared for an AMAZING week of posts!! I am so excited.

    Lets get to it. This week’s feature is:

    party feature 1

     Beauty Under 10
    How to take care of those makeup brushes
    that we all spend a small fortune on

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