• LOTW- 5 Minute MakeUp

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    I am loving all of the tutorials on all of the LOTW (Look of the Week), but they can be a lot of work and time consuming. Lets be honest, while I LOVE these looks and I do wear them often; any time we are going out with my hubby I crank it up a notch. For my normal, daily stuff I have a five-minute makeup routine. With all the girls, and everyone with more then one will understand, there is just no time to spend 20 minutes on makeup. Wish there was, wish that I had this luxury of quiet me time in the bathroom, and I could take my time with my makeup without any rush. And I would always leave the house in perfection. But alas, that is so not the case. Typically I have at least one daughter needing help with something, one asking me for the millionth time what I am doing and one MIA. If I remember to get mascara on both eyes, it is a success lol. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin your image of me to to much there.  So below is my 5-Minute MakeUp Routine:

    MakeUp Needed-

    • Naked Basics Pallet
    • Black Eyeliner
    • Maybellines Big Eyes Mascara
    • Maybellines BB Cream
    • Bobbi Brown’s Antigua- blush
    • BellaPierre Vanilla Pink Lipgloss

    Super Easy Steps:

    1. Line your upper lash line with your black eyeliner. By lining them first you will get the benefits of lining them, but it will be covered with eyeshadow to tone down the harshness of black eyeliner during the day.
    2. Apply Foxy to entire eyelid; lash line to eyebrow.
    3. Apply Faint on the outer third of your eye.
    4. Apply Naked 2 on your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Apply your Maybelline BB Cream all over your face. Blending with circular motions.
    6. Apply Bobbi Brown’s Antigua blush along your check bones. Again blend with circular motions.
    7. Apply BellaPierre’s Vanilla Pink Lipgloss
    8. And last but not least, curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    Super easy, super quick, and totally do-able. Even with three kids needing your attention (even if that is just to find out what they are into). How about you? What is your normal, daily makeup routine?

  • Naked Basics… Are You Naked?

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    While I admit I was not a huge fan of Naked 2, I have loved Naked Basics for many years. (Thanks sis for getting me hooked on this) Yes most of you guys have heard of, read about, tested and bought this mighty little pallet already. It is a staple in many people’s daily makeup bag. So, even though I am a little late to the party, I thought that I would talk about this for those of you who might be on the fence about trying it. (And if you have tried it and use it please comment to tell me what you think about it.)

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    It is a very small pallet at only six colors. Starting on the far left side you have:

    • Venus- Is a shimmery white. Perfect for inner corner and highlight under brow.
    • Foxy- Is a matte, yellowish neutral. This is perfect for the base, I use it all over my lid (eyelash line to brow bone)
    • W.O.S- Walk of Shame- Is a matte light pink neural color, I like to use this on my lid (eyelash to crease)
    • Naked 2- Is a matte light gray/brown. This is by far my favorite color in the pallet. I use it in the crease and just above.
    • Faint- Is a matte medium reddish brown.
    • Crave- Is a very dark brown/black. Perfect for eyeliner.

    There are lots of ways to adjust this to be suitable for smokey eyes, or for date night eye makeup. However, I just use it for my go to day/mommy look. Very light, natural, while giving a fresh face, no makeup look. For me my go to look is:

    1. Foxy as a base all over- eyelash to brow
    2. Faint on the outer third of my lid- To the crease but not above it
    3. Naked2 blended into the crease and just above
    4. Crave applied as an eyeliner to my top lash line
    5. Finish with curling my lashes and applying some mascara.
    6. Top off the look with a bit of blush (Orgasm by NARS is my go to), a bit of nude lipgloss and you are ready to go out the door.

    Very simple and fast but helps me look more put together then a total no make up day. What are your thoughts on this pallet? How do you use the colors?

    PS- Don’t forget out this weeks Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Linky Party!!! I am so excited to see what you all have been up to this week. Be sure to stop by and post something of yours. Anything beauty related would be perfect: makeup, nails, skin, fashion, hair anything that can tie into beauty is what we are looking for 🙂 See you all on Monday


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