• MakeUp Monday: Easy Thanksgiving Look

    Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week? It is coming up so fast. Hopefully you all are getting ready, and planning on seeing loved ones. And if you are hosting, that you have put the turkey in the refrigerator this morning to thaw. Don’t want to serve still frozen turkey. That never goes over to well.


    Have you guys seen the movie from a few years ago, Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn? They have to run around and see both sets of divorced parents. Anyway, that is our Thanksgiving. We will be having four Thanksgiving dinners. (With three kiddos in tow, this will be no easy feat) We won’t need to eat again for a month.

    Easy Thanksgiving Makeup

    Today,  I thought that I would walk through a great simple Thanksgiving makeup look. Something to make you look all put together, yet festive. And the best part, it will look great on everyone; no matter your skin tone.

  • Monday MakeUp- Tarte

    Tarte 2

    This is a pallet that I have been eyeing for a long.. LONG… time. There are so many reasons that I have been watching this one. First and foremost, I love that it is an entire pallet that is matte. It seems that all the pallets on the market have some shimmery shades, and while those are fun, personally I don’t wear shimmery shades everyday. I only wear them on date nights, so I get a new pallet and only wear a few of the shades on a regular basis. Also, I loved that the range of color. Yes they are all neutral shades, they are all browns. BUT.. you are getting warm shades, you are get cool shades, you are going to get that pop of color with the pinks. It has everything that you are going to need.



    These colors are AMAZING. One of the reasons for my delay in getting this was the middle row is very pink. I was more then worried that I would have a third of the colors that I would not use. Let me tell you, that this is so not the case. While yes, it had a pink tone; it is not overly pink. It is more of a muted pink-brown when applied. While, that row is not my go product, I can and do use it for a night out. The shades are perfect to draw the green out of my hazel eyes.

    I love how this pallet laid out. Each row are perfect shades to be used together. They really placed a great amount of time to find the best shades to be used together. They make it really easy to use, and completely fool proof. Then while those shades are great to use together, the entire platte can be used together.

    The colors are all matte, they are all in very neutral tones and they can give you a very wide range of looks.

    Starting at the top left corner the colors are as follows:

    • free spirit- it is a light yellow color, great for a base color.
    • force of nature- it is a very warm, almost peachy medium brown
    • dreamer- is a dark warm chocolate brown
    • multi tasker- is a very dark brown
    • caregiver- is a light, pale pink shade
    • natural beauty- is a perfectly named it is a mutted medium pinkish brown
    • best friend- it is the most pop of color shade in the pallet. It has a berry tone.
    • super mom- this is very similar to free spirit but instead of a yellow under tone it has more of a pink tone
    • wanderer- it is a very cool light brown
    • power player- it is a  cool medium brown with a gray undertone to it
    • fashionista- a black

    Since I got this pallet, it has been my go to. All of the shades are creamy. They are a clay based formula, which has more creaminess then a traditional powder. They are so pigmented, you only need a little bit of shadow to make a great eye. A huge perk is that it has major staying power, you can apply in the morning and it won’t budge or smudge at all.

    Was it worth the price? Yes, every single penny!! Has anyone else tried this pallet? What are your thoughts? Would you like a full pallet of just matte shades or do you like having the shimmery ones in there? Let me know


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