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    The eyelash curler. Lets be honest for a moment, this tool is the least talked about tool in our arsenal. Often it is referred to as the “mid-evil torture device”, or at least that is how it is referred to in our house. They are all the same, they all look the same, they all work about the same, so why spend much time worrying about them. Right? Wrong….

    First they are a mid-evil torture tool. If you do it wrong, it pinches the crap out of your eyelid. If you do it wrong, you can (and easily) pull out your eyelashes. There is not much to make me change away from that. Maybe one to many pinched eyelids.

    And onto all the amazing things that this tool does. It opens your eyes by lifting the lashes. It also makes your eyes look bigger by creating more space around your eyes. Curling your lashes also makes you look more awake. It draws the line up and away from your eye, instead of having them hang down.

    With everything that it does, it deserves some talk time. Out of all of the tools we use every day, this is one of the best tools we use. It is simple to use: you place your lashes in the opening and close. Hold for a three to five seconds, repeat if you want and your done. Apply a bit of mascara and you are ready to rock. There are so many different kinds to choose from now: traditional metal, heated, tiny, you name it there is an option for it. I have tried so many on the market, and honestly I think the traditional metal clamp ones work the best. They give a great curl that lasts a long time. And I really did think that they were all the same…. until….. I tried Whiplash Pink Eyelash Curler By Crave Naturals

    There just is so much that I am loving about this curler. First lets talk about the packaging. To me, packing is huge. I like things to come in a pretty wrapping. This box is just so cool. It is edgy, kinda retro cartoony, bold girlie colors. Even with as great as the packaging is, that’s not the part that does the curling. The eyelash curler looks about the same as other metal traditional, other then the pink cushions, but wow it does an amazing job. It is able to grab all of your lashes, with the first curl, all the way down at the root. Without any pinching. Giving you the most eye opening look possible. Then the curl lasts all day long. This curler is worth giving a try.

    What are your thoughts? What do you look for in a curler? Do you curl your lashes every day?


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