• Fashion Friday- Girls Night

    Girls Night

    Fashion Friday-
    Girls Night

    OMG can you believe that it is Friday already? Where did this week go? It really does feel like the 4th was yesterday, how is it possible that it was already an entire week ago. I swear time is speeding up.

    Anyway….. What do you wear on a girls night? The ones where you are not doing any crazy bar hopping, just going to grab a dinner with the girls to catch up. Me? I am all about comfort, well that is not entirely true. I wanna look good, WHILE be comfortable. This would be my perfect girls night out/girls catch up night outfit.

    • Shirt– This shirt is all about Kat. I like that it is a simple cut, with some pop of color and a little sparkle action going on. Notice how the bottom flares just a small amount at the waist? This will hide any tummy bloat issues. Plus will give a little interest to the line, since the jeans are a skinny fit. You don’t want everything to be tight.
    • Jeans– I love a great pair of skinny jeans. They just make me feel more put together then the mommy jeans I run around with the kids with. Anyone else? The dark wash will make you look thinner. Also, with the subtle vertical lines of the discoloration, you will look taller. A total win-win there. Thinner and Taller. Yes Please!
    • Shoes– Aren’t these black strappy heels perfect? They would work with just about EVERYTHING in my closet. You could totally dress them up, pair them with jeans (like we did here), really they would match anything that you through at them. Perfect shoes in my opinion.
    • Purse– When I am not on mommy duty, I like to have a teeny tiny clutch. One to many days of a huge diaper bag, huge purse big enough to be a diaper bag. That on my “off” nights, I want to just bring the bear minimums and then have a purse that is still to little to actually fit anything. Call me crazy, but that is what I like.

    Is this something that you would wear? Or if your going out, do you wanna get all dressed up?


  • Fashion Friday- Night Out

    Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!


    I love getting all dressed up for a night out on the town with my hubby. Not that it happens all the time, but when it does, I do like to get all dressed.

    • Dress– Who else is a fan of LBD (little black dress)? This one has a nice twist, with the lace inlays up the sides. They will actually slim you by breaking up the solid black; and with the lines being vertical it will help you look taller. There is just something so great about a slit up the side. You get the coverage of a long dress, with a little umph. To me I think the slit is way more alluring then a teeny tiny dress. Once you hit a certain age, I think that the teeny tiny LBD looks like you are trying to hard. Like you are trying to still be a twenty something. While the slit is still sexy, while being classy.
    • Shoes– There is something so classy about black and silver. These heels are just perfect for summer with the bit of a peep-toe. I would have my toenails painted black to stay with the black and silver color scheme.
    • Purse– I love a great clutch. This one looks like it is big enough to hold all your stuff, while being small enough to still be sexy. What do you think of the beaded studs on the side?
    • Earrings– Drop earrings will make your neck not only look longer but will make it look slimmer too!! Win-Win! I am loving these silver hoops, with the black onyx. They will dress up the whole outfit quite nicely.

    What are you thoughts of this outfit? Is it something that you would wear on a night out or is it to much? Let me know what you think..


  • Fashion Friday- Vintage Inspired

    Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!

    For my Fashion Friday posts, I normally put together through PolyVore, and while I really honestly enjoy that site I found it lacking a few items. So I was beyond excited when What Goes With That reached out to ask me to use their site. Not only can you put together outfits, it is a full social media site. You can post your outfits, you can ask questions (so if you get a new pair of shoes you can get advice on what to wear with them) and you can give advice to other who have asked for help pulling together a look. It is so much fun how interactive it is. They are a brand new site, so they are not quite as robust as PolyVore, but it is fun being on the ground floor of something new. If you have a moment, and enjoy fashion then go take a moment and go play over there.

    This is my first outfit that I have pulled together though their site. While I miss the fancy templets of the other site, I really enjoying the simplicity of What Goes With This. And I LOVE this vintage look. Everything about this outfit from the earrings to the shoes.

    • Dress– While I am not a huge fan (don’t dislike it, just kind of indifferent) of the horizontal stripes, this one I think works. I mean who really wants a horizontal line across your behind making it look wider then it is? But this one I think that I like. Whats the difference? I like that the stripes get thinner and closer together through the waist. This will make your waist look thinner and smaller, giving you a more hour glass figure.
    • Earrings– There is nothing classier then a good pair of pearl earrings. This pair looks great with a small drop down. Very simple, very elegant.
    • Shoes– What a great pair of nude sandals. Aren’t these just screaming summer??

    So what are your thoughts? Do you like this or not quite your cup of tea? Did you take a moment to look at WGWT? What are your thoughts on that?

  • Fashion Friday- Day At The Beach

    Day At The Beach

    I am so ready for the summer!!! While I don’t live ANYWHERE near a beach, I long for the lazy days of it. Laying in the sand, enjoying the sun, listening to the girls playing in the water. Sounds like perfection to me, but maybe that is just what living in the desert does to someone. Does anyone live on the beach? Is it as great as it sounds? So I have no idea what one actually wears to the beach, but in my head this is what you would wear.

    • Shorts– Some sort of ripped up, super short shorts. You might see the ties of a swim suit poking up over the tops of them. In my mind, they would need a little bling on them too.
    • Tops– If you have a swimsuit on underneath, then you would need something simple and slightly loose. You will want it to be comfortable.
    • Shoes– Sandals and flip-flops would be a must, if you have to wear shoes. In my head, I would be barefoot. What a great natural (and fun) pedicure. Always having unlimited sand to scrub your piggies. Your feet would always look amazing.
    • Accessories– A big black hat to keep the sun off of your face. Plus how chic do the women look who can pull one off. One day I will own one of these hats. It is on the bucket list (I know silly item on the bucket list, but hey its my list). And big black sunglasses, because I don’t go anywhere without them. Then last, some big bag to hold: towel, sunscreen, book, and everything else that you might need at the beach.

    So that is my dream beach outfit. What did I miss? What is your favorite item to wear at the beach?


  • Fashion Friday….. Bumming It

    Bumming Around

    Ever have those days, where you just don’t want to get all dolled up? Where you just kinda want to bum around. I have those days more then I want to admit. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting all girly; the skirts and summer dresses, a cute pair of wedges. But you know what? Its a lot of work, and some days I just don’t have it in me. Or, I am taking the kids to the park and its just not practical. What to do on those days? I call it a “bumming day”.

    • Jeans– Yup, I have them again. I love jeans. I don’t think that you fully grasp my obsession with them, but that’s ok. While I normally like a capri cut better then the bermuda style, these particular ones are fabulous. There are a few great things about them; first, they are a skinny style. This is going to help hold in your thighs (if you are like me and carry a little weight in them), plus they will make your behind look great. Also, the distressed look is very in and is probably not going to be going anywhere for a while. If you are going to bum it, then go all out, and commit to the look by ripping up the jeans a bit.
    • Shirt– V-Necks are so controversial. Some people love them, some are completely against them. I like that this shirt, while technically a V-Neck, is very minimally one. You get the style, without showing off any cleavage. V-Necks will make you look thinner by elongating your neck area. I like that this shirt has the very smallest amount of sleeves possible. I tend to have that little roll of… stuff… you know, between your body and your arm. I LOVE tank tops, but they are not the most flattering, unless you are very thin. This, you get the benefit of a tank but it covers that problem area. Also, with is being a loose fitting, it will hide any mommy-pouches in the tummy area. Come on, I can’t be the only one with these problem areas. Right??
    • Sneaks– To really play up the bumming attitude you gotta rock the sneaks. (Do people still call them sneaks or am I showing my age here?) Love that the gray in these ties in the gray of the shirt. They almost have a distressed feel to them as well.
    • Bag– I love my Coach and Louis Vuitton bags, but lets be honest they just don’t hold a whole lot. Also it is kinda odd pulling out baby toys and diapers out of them. So on the days where I am more mommy duty, I like to just a grab a big backpack style bag. They hold a ton, so I can pack everything that I know I am going to need: toys, snacks, diapers, wipes, cups and well you know everything. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories, so I am loving this bag. How fun!!

    What about you guys, do you always get put together? Or do you have days where you might bum it too?

  • Fashion Friday… Easy Easter Brunch Attire

    Pretty Easter Outfit

    Can you believe this weekend is Easter??? Holy cow this year is already getting away from me already. For me Easter kicks off the spring fashions. We move from darker colors and winter fabrics to items that are light in color and fabric. We move away from boots to open toes wedges and sandals. Florals take center stage, both in the landscape with flowers awakening from their winter slumbers and on our clothes. To me this outfit just screams, “Hello Spring!!!”.

    • Dress– I am totally digging this tea length floral dress. It has all the wonderful spring colors; pink, green, yellow. The belt to tie it on the waist will help hid a few of those stubborn winter pounds that don’t quite get the hint that it is time to go. Plus the A-Frame will also show off the hourglass figure without drawing any attention to any problem areas. I like that the print it not the entire dress. For those of us who carry weight on our lower halves but hardly any up top, the round abrupt end to the pattern just above the girls, will help make them look larger too. Really, unless you hate flowers, there is nothing not to like about this dress.
    • Shoes– Hello pretty piggies!! There is nothing more spring then open toed cork wedges. Love how strappy they are!!
    • Hair– For this particular dress, a soft up-do would be best. I love this twist on the sock bun, with the braid around the bottom. It looks kinda like a waterfall braid. What do you think? I would have jazzed it up a bit with bobby pins though.
    • Accessories– Diamonds are a girls best friend. I love diamonds, so personally I think diamond stud earrings go with everything. They are just pretty and sparkly. A shiny silver bracelet is the cherry on this outfit.

    Let me know what you think of this outfit. Is it something that you could see yourself wearing it? If you had to change one thing about it, what would your change be? I love reading your comments, so let me know your thoughts.

  • Fashion Friday- Jeans and Tee Look

    Casual Look


    Are you a jeans and tee kinda girl? I am right there with you. I love a good pair of jeans, probably would live in jeans if I could get away with it. So any time that I can just upgrade that look I am all over it. A simple way to make it look a bit more pulled together, pair your jeans with a pair of heels. I am a fan of the pointy toe stilettos, but anything with a bit of a lift will make you look more pulled together.

    • Jeans– For me, I feel like a million bucks in a great fitting pair of jeans. You know the ones: they fit just right, and when you turn around, you know you have a rockin booty going on. They can be a fabulous pair of skinny jeans or a boot cut, dark washed or bleached out, formal stiffness or ripped up. Any pair that you feel amazing in.
    • Top– To help bring this look up for just another pair of jeans and tee, I like the top with a bit of lace. Lace is one of the few types of material that looks great on everyone. It doesn’t matter your style or body size; a splash of lace will always look classic and chic. I love how the entire top here is lace, brings a bit of sexiness to it. It give the illusion of a strapless top, without actually have to bare all.
    • Shoes– Lets be honest, I love shoes. Really all types of shoes, and while the pointy shoe is my favorite, for this outfit I opted for something a bit more classic. But there is way to many nice shoes to pick, so I picked two lol. The first one is your basic black heel. It has a rounded toe and about a four inches tall. This really should be a staple in ANYONE’s wardrobe, it will match and go with everything: from everyday looks, to pretty summer dresses, to full on date night LBD (little black dress) attire. Summer can’t get here fast enough, so the other one is a little strapy sandal version of a heel. While this is not as versatile (since it is a sandal and therefore only summer use) there is something fun and flirty about open toed shoes.
    • Accessories– Gotta have a little bling, and I am not a huge fan of yellow gold (silver is fine, white gold is good, platinum is great.. Just not the traditional yellow gold) so I went with a silver accents. With how delicate the lace can look, you need a big chunky necklace to off set it. But you don’t want to go into over drive with jewelry, so pair it with simple stud earrings. (Kinda like makeup, focus on one major accessory and downplay the rest) I have a thing for clutches, maybe because all I carry during the day is a diaper bag or huge purse to fit all the kids stuff in. This one is so pretty, simple but has some major talking points. LOVE that the closure is off center, and that it pinches the purse a bit too.
    • Hair & MakeUp– For a pop of color, I thought going with a dark purple smokey eye would be fun. Nude lips, and very light on the blush. (Play up one feature not everything) Then for your hair something very soft and down. Loving these soft, big, loose curls. Now only if my hair would do it lol.

    So what are your thoughts? Are you a jeans and tee kinda gal too or if you are going out do you.. go all out? What are your thoughts on this outfit? Let me know, I love reading all of your comments.

  • Fashion Friday- Feminine Spring Look

    Spring Look

    Love this for spring!! And surprising that with Polyvore it was not to outrageously priced. I am a huge fan of girly dresses and cowboy boots, plus this being pink and brown. Doesn’t get much better then that. This is actually my very favorite shade of pink, ballet pink.

    • Dress- Looks like it would be about knee length. Which makes it look great on every body type, plus very flirty. I love the belt that ties it at the waist. Normally I am not a fan of this, since my waist and hips are very different in size. But with it being brown, I feel that it ties in the boots.
    • Boots- While these are not traditional cowboy boots, I do like the slouchy-kinda-sorta cowboy boot look. Am I the only one that loves to pair a girly dress with boots during spring? Don’t know what it is but I am totally hooked on this look. These particular boots, would match everything I own. Love how simple they are.
    • Purse- Yes, I realize that other then color, this purse does not match. The print and texture is wrong for this dress (at least for me). But what a fun clutch.
    • Accessories- You can’t go wrong with a simple bow, so many ways to wear it. I see the hair for this being curled, and half pulled up. Using the bow to pull up the top portion. Very simple. Silver Bangles, well they just work with everything lol.

    What about you? Is this a look that you would wear, or is it to girly? How about the dress with boots look, fan or not? Let me know, I love reading your comments, and seeing what you think.


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